Thursday, 14 October 2021

Souvenirs des jours de vacances / Memories of the holidays - Isabelle Van Driessche

As winter approaches and the days grow shorter, it is nice to think back to the light, sunshine and distant skies of the holidays. Our loyal member, Isabelle Van Driessche,, has shared this lovely holiday impression with us.

Alors que l'hiver approche et que les jours raccourcissent, nous nous souvenons avec plaisir et bonheur la lumière, le soleil et les cieux lointains des jours de vacances. Notre membre fidèle, Isabelle Van Driessche, a partagé avec nous cette belle impression de vacances.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

A rainy October Sunday at the Fligermusee and the Parc Thermal at Mondorf-les-bains

 After the summer break - and the weather gods took this very literally, with rain showers and gusty winds - Urban Sketchers Luxembourg met again at Mondorf-les-bains, to sketch together in the Parc Thermal and the tiny Fligermusee.


Most of us stayed inside the little glass pavillion and sketched the bold colors and diagonal lines of the old planes crisscrossing the upper hall like giant insects.

A little break…

And the individual results:









I was the only fool to venture in the Parc and sketch between the raindrops and the gusts of wind. I tried to capture the old fountain at the French side of the Parc.



But after an hour and a half, with cold feet and cold hands, I joined the others in the Fligermusee…


Mariette preferred to stay at home and sketch the virtual Parc buildings.

And, ‘noblesse oblige’ 😉, we could not end the afternoon without the traditional drink&draw at Brasserie Maus Kätti!

Isabelle sketching Leen and a colorful customer

Leen sketching Isabelle, Annie, and a tasty apricot pie

Thursday, 23 September 2021

October 2021 Sketchcrawl of Urban Sketchers Luxembourg in the Thermal Park of Mondorf les Bains

 After the September break we are back to Urban Sketching with new enthusiasm. We will find inspiration in the autumnal colours of the beautiful Thermal Park of Mondorf les Bains

In case of rain we will find shelter in the Aviation Museum, which is located in the heart of the Park and where we will also find some very interesting subjects!
Meeting point on Sunday 3 October at 2pm in the Thermal Park of Mondorf les Bains in front of the Aviation Museum

Après la pause de septembre nous reprenons le Urban Sketching avec nouvel enthousiasme. Nous trouverons de l’inspiration dans les couleurs automnales du beau Parc Thermal de Mondorf les Bains

En cas de pluie nous trouverons un abri dans le Musée de l’Aviation, qui se trouve au coeur du Parc et où nous trouverons également des sujets bien intéressants!

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

A Ferry Ride and Moselle Sketching

 Our August sketchcrawl took place at the Moselle as usual. 

This time however we started with a delicate amuse bouche to get in the Moselle mood: we took the small ferry Sankta Maria II to get to Oberbillig on the German side.

Pedro de Oliveira

Against all odds, the weather turned out to be fantastic sketching weather: not too hot, beautiful light, romantic billowing clouds

The sketchers in full concentration.

Time for a break.

Here some results, more in detail:

Mariette Bintener

Marianne Ryckelinck

Danay Gdey

Annie Zeler-Flesch

Roger Jenkins

Mauro Doro

Erik Teuwens


Leen Van Bogaert


 “Difficile de fixer les nuages insaisissables…un cygne peut-être ? …pour finir sur des vélos en attente…rire avec Carlo, puis boire un pot entre sketchers à l’abri des grands arbres. Vite se réfugier sous l’auvent quand l’averse nous surprend et humer le parfum de la pluie qui s’imprègne dans le sol séché avant de reprendre le ferry”

Isabelle Van Driessche 

I think we got back to the Luxembourg side just in time ;-) ⛈☔️