Sunday, 12 March 2023

Sketchcrawl in the old fortress Thüngen - visiting the Dräi Eechelen museum

The old fortress of Luxembourg is classified as a UNESCO world heritage. The only remaining fortress outside of the old city is Fort Thüngen that today hosts the Dräi Eechelen museum. We sketched inside and outside the museum that contains items and documents from the history of Luxembourg. 

Katia sketched the building... did Lawrence...

...and Pedro

Vanessa sketched old Luxembourg

The gruesome guillotine caught the attention!




The museum had a lovely collection of old uniforms, you can see some in Marcelle's drawing above. More are here:



Our young sketchers!

More views from the museum:



Jean-Pol (and Veronica)





Alex, in the underground tunnels the 'casemats'



We rounded off with a drink at the nearby Mudam museum. Thanks to all who came (around 20 people, 2023 record!).

Monday, 27 February 2023

Next sketchcrawl is 5 March @14 at the Dräi Eechelen museum

For our March sketchcrawl, we will meet at the Drëi Eechelen museum inside the Fort Thüngen, behind Mudam.

When: Sunday March 5 at 14-17H.

The museum is impressively big with a permanent exhibition and a temporary one, celebrating the first 10 years of the museum. You can go up in the tower and out on the terrace on the roof of the building, or down in the basement to walk in the old tunnels under the fort. The building from outside is also beautiful to sketch, have a look at Pedro's sketch below.


Some of the items in the  museum

On the roof top

Inside the museum, only dry methods for drawing and sketching are allowed, no watercolors inside this time. Benches and foldable chairs are available. Lockers are downstairs (you need a 1 euro coin) and there is a coffee machine in the little cafeteria at the entrance floor.

When you are done sketching, let’s meet in the Mudam cafeteria at 16:45 to take photos of our work. The light is great there and those who want can have a drink. The cafeteria is accessible without paying the entrance fee of Mudam.

Public Transport : tram stop Philharmonie, train Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal, bus Route-Bréck – Pfaffendall.


Sunday, 19 February 2023

Sketchcrawl at the Tramsmusée, February 2023

We met at the Museum of Trams and Buses of the Luxembourg city on 12 February, a day when the sun almost came out from behind the clouds. Most sketchers choose to work indoors however; I was the only one to sketch the museum from the outside this time. 

We welcomed two newcomers, who came for the first time to our sketchcrawls!

Don't forget to email photos of your sketches to the usk.luxembourg(a) account after the meeting. For those who use Instagram, there are two films on the account USkLuxembourg with our works, and many of our sketches are reposted there. Use the hashtag #uskluxembourg to get reposted!


Sketchers at work


The trams were fun to draw and paint.







Other objects were also interesting in the big museum





Sketchers on 12 February

Some sketches of 12 February

Putting the USk Luxembourg stamp on our sketches!

Thanks everyone for coming and see you next time!


Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Next sketchcrawl: 12 February 2023 @14 at the Tramsmusée

The next sketchcrawl is on Sunday 12 February at 2 PM. 

Let's go back in time! Did you know that Luxembourg used to have horse-drawn trams in the 19th century? Which were replaced by electric trams, then by buses... and then by the new electric tram. Lawrence has organised the next sketchcrawl, which takes place in the tram museum, the Tramsmusée, where you can sketch a replica of the horse tram, and much more. 

The museum entrance is free. The address is 63, rue de Bouillon L-1248 Luxembourg. Getting there by bus: stop P&R Bouillon, bus number 10, 15, 17, 20 or 24.

Some previous sketches from 2016 may inspire you:
Hope to see a lot of you at our second meeting of this year!

Sunday, 15 January 2023

Sketchers an der Muerbelsmillen

The first sketchcrawl of 2023 with Urban Sketchers Luxembourg took place in Pfaffenthal, in the Muerbelsmillen. This is an old watermill which can traced back to the 11th century. It has been set up as a mustard museum, as it was a mustard factory for some time.



The water wheel was in full swing. Here is a sketch by Malou, combining the Muerbelsmillen façade with the wheel which is inside the building:


Water wheel by Ebba

One room exhibited mustard containers from all over the world and some machinery. Ekaterina made the following sketches in this room:


The machinery from different rooms of the museum fascinated several sketchers, as can be seen from the following sketches.






Geneviève kindly shared her process with us!
First sketch....
Geneviève, second stage

Geneviève, final watercolour

The sketchcrawl ended with a very informative meeting with Mr Jean Stammet. Some of his pictures from the event can be seen on the Pfaffenthal info page:

Here is the group of sketchers (photo by J.Stammet)

Thanks to all for coming and see you next time!