Thursday, 7 October 2010


A whole blog for the Luxembourg Sketchcrawl, which together, we are going to build!

The next (and first for Luxembourg) Sketchcrawl is on Saturday 16th October 2010.

If you live in Luxembourg (or there abouts...Belgium, France, Germany) and are available for some artistic expression and interpretation of Luxembourg ville, please join the blog and help us decide where we shall go for the 1st SC next weekend.

I put forth... the Grund somewhere...

Any other ideas?


  1. If the weathers alright maybe the park?

  2. The old town and palace and all that would be good as well! But I'm up fir grund action! whoop whoop

  3. Hi guys!

    This good initiativ seems interesting for a friend and me!
    Have you decide about a rendez vous?

    We live In luxembourg ville, Near train station, so we are near center to join you!