Monday, 17 March 2014

late, much too late sketchcrawl post


First of all I need to apologise for not putting work online and not organising second sketch crawl. I'm terrible bloger!  I must admit I still did not scan my work (I'm ashamed) :/ I really would love to go out drawing with all of you again, so if you have any ideas where we could go please let me know:) It's getting warmer and I think is time for us to reunite:)

Here is some of the sketches send to me by Magdalena.


  1. Thanks for posting these! And I completely agree: it's time to meet again! How about Saturday next week, for example? :D

  2. What about Sunday? I'm usually free on Sundays. Saturdays is one of this days when I do all things I didn't manage to to during the week and I have capoeira classes.

    1. Sorry, I didn't see this. I forgot to click on the "Notify me" box...
      I will come to the Sketchcrawl this Sunday. See you there! :)