Monday, 8 December 2014

December Sketches from Mersch

Thank you Beliza for leading another Sketchcrawl in the Grand Duchy yesterday! I was not able to join in the city, but made some sketches further up north in Mersch. So happy to finally be sketchcrawling again... I used a pigment liner, a brush pen and some oil pastel sticks from my kids. The oil pastels turned out to be oversized and frustrating for the size of my sketchbooks. At home, I added wax pastels which allow more control with color and line. I am already looking forward to the next Sketchcrawl in January :-)

michele graedel sketchcrawl mersch

michele graedel urban sketching mersch

Michèle Graedel - Sketchcrawl Dec. 2014 in Mersch, Luxembourg

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  1. You were very productive! :) I particularly like the red machine (no idea what they're called).
    See you in January!! Normally we should head out on the first Sunday of the month. Have a lovely Christmas period!