Monday, 5 October 2015

So there was a garage sale at Knuedler

Yesterday, we met at Place Guillaume II in Luxembourg to participate in this year's last vide-grenier (a sort of garage sale) in our own way, sketching.

It was a great occasion to see the Knuedler in a different light and draw people, unusual objects or just the whole place.

Our group of regulars was joined by Marisol, a Canadian sketching enthusiast who has recently arrived to Luxembourg.

Most participants decided to tackle the task of sketching the whole scene, with quite some success, as can be seen below.

Unfortunately, as October weather goes, it started getting a bit chilly after a while, so we took refuge at Kaale Kaffi, always a great place to end the day.

Next month, we'll have to find a place indoor. The location is yet to be determined, but the date is already fixed: see you on 8th November!

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