Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sketching instead of gambling in the Casino

For our April sketchcrawl we met at the entrance of the recently renovated Casino - Forum d'Art Contemporain.
The weather was mild, so I decided to start sketching the building from the outside with my water colours: ochre and blue, always a winning team, to mark the contrast between the main building and the glass and steel structure known as the aquarium.

Ah, the joys of urban sketching! A gush of April wind toppled over my water container, so I continued with a quick small sketch with my oil pastels in the same colour palette, this time of the nearby view to the cathedral and the statue of the Gëlle Fra.

April rain started to fall on our sketches - I said to Beliza with a Freudian slip : "Attention à ton destin" - and we took refuge inside the Casino building.
First we exchanged impressions and took a picture of the pool of sketches.

Then we enjoyed a drink in the ca(fe)sino with its beautiful original plaster decorations, chatting away about sketching tools and discussing art in general.

No gambling...

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