Wednesday, 17 August 2016


I chose the workshop proposed by Paul Heaston "THE BIG PICTURE and the tiny details"
Paul is a awesome sketcher! If you look at his drawing, you will see an incredible amount of details. He draws all what appears in his field of view. 
I knew his drawing before the symposium and I always imagined a A3 size sketchbook .. but, as extraordinary as it is, he never draw on more than a A5! 

"Don't mind the perspective rules, just use what everybody knows as obvious: what is close to you is bigger, what is far is smaller, what hides something else is closer, etc... and don't forget: straight lines do not exist, they are just a construction/correction of your brain, so free your mind and just draw what you see, not what your brain wants you to draw!" (Lapin's notes

your sketchbook is of course in your field of view and has to be on your drawing!
here a vertical view on the Manchester City Hall

and an horizontal view from the arcades (still raining...)
What is really great in the symposium was to meet so many sketchers from around the world, nice people happy to share the passion of sketching with each other: here I was with Lapin (Barcelona) and Alvin Wong (USK Hong-Kong)

No workshop in the afternoon, but a walk with Lapin, Gérard and Antoine Michel (Liège) and Matt Cam (Ohio)
you can find Stan, the T-Rex at the Manchester Natural History Museum
(not far from the School of Arts)
Lapin found those very nice back facades behind Waterloo Place
In the late afternoon, what has already become a tradition: beers at the Pub ZOO with fellow sketchers: entre autres Fabien Denoël, Vincent Desplanches, Christian Wouters, Julien Schleiffer, Matt Cram... and Johnny Cash (local barfly...)

Workshop "Cars in the City" proposed by Lapin and Gérard Michel (USK since more than 50 years!), formerly created by Florian Afferbach who unfortunately passed away some months before the symposium.

Sketching a car as if it wasn't a car, but a person...
First from 2-3 m distance, than from less than a meter.
Draw a maximum of details, especially your own image reflected in the chromes...
The cars in a larger context
For the last afternoon: Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, and a walk through Castelfield Place and its big iron bridges.
Air and Space Hall

Castelfield iron bridges

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