Friday, 20 October 2017

USK in oil paint

I like to experiment with new tools and materials. And I like a lot to paint with oil paint.
So I was looking for a way how to combine urban sketching, which is mostly an outdoor activity and is bound to be quick, with oil painting with all its organisational, practical and drying time considerations.
I started painting outside, which I must admit proved to be a special and very challenging physical experience. Moreover it was also a good solution for the health issues involved with terps. But I was bothered by the tedious task of putting up a field easel, organising the paint, etcetera.
Finally this spring I came up with my little on-the-road-studio:

It allows me to go anywhere, make a little painting and bring it home safely while still wet. The first try-outs were a bit awkward - I had to adapt my brushstrokes to the small format, the polyester film responds differently than canvas or board, I am forced to use less terps and to organise my palette differently.
Here are my first clumsy results:
april clouds behind niederanven church

place d'armes

dräi eechelen
transparent kirchberg buildings

As the summer gradually allowed for more outdoor activities I ventured to more and more different places:
luxembourg corniche

place de l'europe

the moselle in remich

a cabin in the woods at kuelbecher haff - painted from my car in a succession of rain showers and sunshine

luxembourg corniche

the moselle river at perl

rain approaching niederanven


Organising the small paintbox was quite a challenge.
Some people even succeed at compressing it even more. Enjoy watching these short Youtube-films: and about "Luc Grateau, portraitiste du métro", who made a paint box out of an old calculator box !

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