Monday, 11 December 2017

4 days in Edinburgh last Summer

As we were really frustrated not to go to Chicago last summer for the USK Symposium, we decided to spend a few days in Edinburgh with belgian sketcher friends Gérard, Antoine and Theo.
Edimbourg is just an incredible city for sketchers! Each place, each building is the occasion of a sketch.
Edinburgh from Calton Hill, a very nice view on the whole city!

The medieval city is on a central hill, developed along the Royal Mile, with all its monuments and statues: the Cathedral and some churches. On the upper end stands Castle Rock, the medieval fortress, and on the lower end stands the Queen's Castle with the ruins of the Holyrood Abbey.
Edinburgh Castle Rock, from the park below

Edinburgh's inhabitant are great people and the local urban sketches are lovely and very welcoming!

On the other side of the medieval center is another hill with a very quiet cemetery taking place along the slope going down to the city roots.

Not far from there is the Edinburgh Museum where you can shelter during the frequent rain shower... there are plenty of interesting things to drawn inside!

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