Saturday, 28 April 2018

Open Doors at the Ministry of Culture

Last Saturday, we were invited to sketch at the Ministry of Culture at the occasion of the open doors of the Luxembourg institutions.

The Hotel des Terres Rouges is a beautiful building, filled with art. That day, it was also filled with music, courtesy of the pupils of the Conservatoire.

Here is a compilation of some of the sketches.
Alan Johnston (

Anneke Walch (

Annie Zeler Flesch

Arnaud De Meyer

Athéna Georgakelos

Béliza Mendes



Jacqueline Bejani (instagram:#j.bejani_art)

Jean-Paul Carvalho


Leen Van Bogaert (

Malou Mathieu

Pit Wagner (

Patrice Schannes



Véronique Heijnsbroek

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