Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sketches from the Krëschtmaart

I have to admit that I had to push myself to go out and sketch, with the cold and all, but I'm really glad I did. It was fun to be among the Christmas crowd and to experience the Krëschtmaart in a different way.

We (this time only Leen and I) started out at Place d'Armes, where you can find a lot of food stalls, music and even a carousel and blacksmiths.

There were pumpkin carriages, elephants, ducks, bears, even a Mickey Mouse

They were crafting angels out of metal
Before heading out to another one we made a stop at a coffee shop called Kaale Kaffi (litt. cold coffee). Luckily they also had hot beverages and we were able to warm ourselves up.

It was my first time there and I have to say I loved the place. It's full of second-hand clothes and old items that you can buy. One of the waiters told me that the interior decoration was constantly changing.

In short: a sketcher's paradise.

Kale Kaffi
Very elegant mannequins

Kaale Kaffi
Apparently this Thierry Mugler piece is very popular
Leen and I finished our tour at the Christmas market on Place de la Constitution, where the Gëlle Fra (litt. golden lady) is.

What I love about this particular market is that every year they dedicate one part of the location to one specific country or region. This year it's Alsace, so you can get tasty tarte flambée (or Flammekueche, as they call it there) and other specialties from that region.

There is also a ferris wheel and even a Santa Claus waiting for people to take photos with him inside a giant bubble. It almost looks like a giant snow globe.

Santa at the Krëschtmaart
Santa seemed a tiny bit lonely in there

Monday, 8 December 2014

December Sketches from Mersch

Thank you Beliza for leading another Sketchcrawl in the Grand Duchy yesterday! I was not able to join in the city, but made some sketches further up north in Mersch. So happy to finally be sketchcrawling again... I used a pigment liner, a brush pen and some oil pastel sticks from my kids. The oil pastels turned out to be oversized and frustrating for the size of my sketchbooks. At home, I added wax pastels which allow more control with color and line. I am already looking forward to the next Sketchcrawl in January :-)

michele graedel sketchcrawl mersch

michele graedel urban sketching mersch

Michèle Graedel - Sketchcrawl Dec. 2014 in Mersch, Luxembourg

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sketch Crawl at the Krëschtmaart

For this month's sketch crawl we thought it might be nice to go to the Krëschtmaart, or Christmas market.

As an alternative, if the weather is not good, we could go café hopping around the city (Table du pain, Veneziano, etc.).

The meeting is on 7th December at 14.00 in front of the main post office in Hamilius as usual.

So bring your warm gloves and favourite sketchbook and let's get into the Christmas spirit!

There will be plenty of mulled wine to warm us up if needed ;)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Sketches from the 45th WW SketchCrawl

For the 45th worldwide SketchCrawl I met with Zeta, a sketcher who also attended the USK Symposium in Paraty, and with one of my good friends, Tessy.

The weather was wonderful for this time of the year and we were able to sketch outside.

Our first stop was at place Clairfontaine in the centre of Luxembourg-City.

I was in a mood for colour and experimentation, so I mainly used my watercolour pencils and then a normal pencil for some details.

Place Clairfontaine
Choosing the colours was tricky, but I quite like this combination
After a short break and hot coffee we decided to continue to Den Huelen Zant (literally the "hollow tooth").

Huelen Zant
These remains from the past are among my favourite things in Luxembourg-city
It was such fun to be out sketching with the girls in the knowledge that all over the world fellow sketchers and friends were doing the same.

Can't wait to see their sketches of the day.

Friday, 10 October 2014

45th World Wide Sketchcrawl

The next World Wide Sketch Crawl is coming up!

Anyone game for a fun afternoon of sketching?

When and where?

Saturday October 18th 2014 at 14h in front of the post office, Hamilius.

Please comment if you are planning to come, so we will wait for you before heading out.

Monday, 5 May 2014

43rd international Sketchcrawl

Hi all!

Here is my short account on the last Sketchcrawl. I hope you enjoy it! :)

We met for the 43rd international Sketchcrawl at Abbaye de Neumünster in the hopes that the weather would be good enough to sketch its surroundings.

Unfortunaltey it was a bit too winty and chilly, so we decided to go to the Naturmusee nearby instead.

It turned out to be an excellent choice, for they have a few sunlit terraces with a beautiful view on the fortress and shelter from the wind.

I don't have much patience to sketch scenery, so this is all I could manage in a short time.

43rd international Sketchcrawl
The colours are very different in reality
We were only 3 participants this time, Leen, Sybille and me.

43rd international Sketchcrawl
Splashing helps to hide many mistakes :D

The museum has a collection of interesting animals to see. I like to sketch the most unusual ones.

I had never seen this animal full of scales before. It was quite a find.

43rd international Sketchcrawl
Next time I will focus on getting the nicely arranges scales right.

Friday, 11 April 2014

43rd WW Sketchcrawl

Hello everyone!

Next week will be the 43rd international sketchcrawl.
Are any of you interested in heading out to draw?
We could meet around 2 pm and head out to Abbaye Neumünster, for example.
If the weather is not good, there is a nice brasserie where we could sit and draw.
Let me know if anyone is interested and/or has other ideas.

Friday, 21 March 2014

SketchCrawl 30.03.14 at 12:30


30.03.14 at 12:30

meeting point in front of the post office at Hamilius :) 

If the weather is nice we can go to the park, draw people, nature or architecture! If it will be raining we can all go to coffee shop or pub, draw people and indoors:)

If anyone gets lost or will arrive late you can call me on my mobile (00352 691 72 88 40) and I'll tell you where we are:)

Looking forward to see you ! 


Monday, 17 March 2014

late, much too late sketchcrawl post


First of all I need to apologise for not putting work online and not organising second sketch crawl. I'm terrible bloger!  I must admit I still did not scan my work (I'm ashamed) :/ I really would love to go out drawing with all of you again, so if you have any ideas where we could go please let me know:) It's getting warmer and I think is time for us to reunite:)

Here is some of the sketches send to me by Magdalena.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sketchcrawl @ Mudam

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here and I would like to thank Beata for the invitation to join you on this blog.

It's always a pleasure to meet fellow sketchers and I'm looking forward to meeting you at future sketching events.

Here are my drawings from the 42nd international Sketchcrawl on 25th January at the Mudam.
42 Sketchcrawl @ Mudam
I joined Leen on a sort of bench. Yes, it's supposed to be her, lol
My favourite part of a sketchcrawl: the drink and draw!
42 Sketchcrawl Drink and Draw @ Mudam
The whole group (except for me, of course)
42 Sketchcrawl @ Mudam
Ana, Iza and Kuba
You can check out my other sketches in my blog

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Would you like to join the worldwide sketchcrawl (http://www.sketchcrawl.com)?

Meeting time and place:

Saturday 25 January 2014 2PM , at MUDAM entry

Greetings :)