Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sketchcrawl in Esch-Belval

For our sketchcrawl in Esch-Belval, we were lucky to have Olga with us as our guide.

I was pleasantly surprised to see about 10 people turn up at our meeting point. Our group is getting bigger and bigger!

Our first stop was around les Hauts Fourneaux, the blast furnace, in Belval. This structure represents Belval's industrial heritage and is now open to the public.

Hauts fourneaux
Just a tiny part of the ancient blast furnace

Today, the Belval site is constantly expanding and its regeneration programme's ambition is to turn the ancient industrial site into a large scientific and cultural centre, with new offices, appartments, a busy music venue (Rockhal), a university and many public administrations moving there.

Olga took us to the high school from where we had a great view on the whole site. It is a perfect place to grasp the magnitude of the works being undertaken there.

I am very curious to see how Belval develops in the future.

Cranes everywhere

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

With LUCA at Villa Vauban

An elegant lady and Jean-Paul Carvalho 

Three weeks ago at Villa Vauban, I had the opportunity to meet the Luxembourg Sketchcrawlers and Jean-Paul Carvalho, architect and member of LUCA.

Sketchcrawl with LUCA at Villa Vauban

I'm a bit late posting my sketches from our outing with LUCA at Villa Vauban last month.

We were blessed with great weather and many people turned up. It was a lot of fun.

This time I felt a bit less daunted about drawing the building. After last time's sketching session with Leen there, I guess I'm starting to know the building a bit better.

Villa Vauban
Playing with contrasts
It was a great opportunity to meet new sketching enthusiasts, increase our small group of usual sketchers.

Zeta and another sketcher
We finished the afternoon with a nice drink & draw, one of my favourite parts of any sketchcrawl.

@ Weschtesgaart
@ Weschtesgaart
I think we'll be collaborating more with LUCA in the future, which is a very exciting prospect.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Sketchcrawling at Belval

Sketchbook entry of Michèle Graedel
Great fun with rusty old blast furnaces at the steel plant in Esch-Belval yesterday.. this is by far my new favorite place to sketch!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sketching with LUCA at Villa Vauban

Last Saturday, we met with LUCa, the Luxembourg Center for Architecture, at Villa Vauban, where they organised a sort of sketchcrawl.

Here are Leen's sketches of the afternoon.





Monday, 2 March 2015

Sketchcrawl in Esch-Belval

Hello everyone,

For this month's sketchcrawl, we tought it might be nice to get out of Luxembourg-city.

Luckily we will even have a local to guide us. Thank you in advance, Olga!

We are meeting on Sunday, 8th March, at 14.00 in the pub Urban Belval.

Here is the map of where to find it:

See you on Sunday! :)