Monday, 5 May 2014

43rd international Sketchcrawl

Hi all!

Here is my short account on the last Sketchcrawl. I hope you enjoy it! :)

We met for the 43rd international Sketchcrawl at Abbaye de Neumünster in the hopes that the weather would be good enough to sketch its surroundings.

Unfortunaltey it was a bit too winty and chilly, so we decided to go to the Naturmusee nearby instead.

It turned out to be an excellent choice, for they have a few sunlit terraces with a beautiful view on the fortress and shelter from the wind.

I don't have much patience to sketch scenery, so this is all I could manage in a short time.

43rd international Sketchcrawl
The colours are very different in reality
We were only 3 participants this time, Leen, Sybille and me.

43rd international Sketchcrawl
Splashing helps to hide many mistakes :D

The museum has a collection of interesting animals to see. I like to sketch the most unusual ones.

I had never seen this animal full of scales before. It was quite a find.

43rd international Sketchcrawl
Next time I will focus on getting the nicely arranges scales right.