Monday, 29 May 2017

Sunny days in Luxembourg

Pont du Grund depuis la terrasse du Scott's

Fête dans les jardins de l'Ecole du Cirque Zaltimbanq' au Limpertsberg

June Sketchcrawl

Hello dear sketchers,

For our sketchcrawl in June, we will explore the Pfaffenthal and will take the occasion to sketch the views over and from the valley, using the new elevator.

Let's meet at the entrance of the elevator in Pfaffenthal (in the valley) at 14:00 this Sunday 4 June 2017.

See you on Sunday!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Between Metz and Paris

After last week's international sketchcrawl weekend, I was not sure many local sketchers would be interested in participating to the usual monthly outing.

However, we ended up being a group of five hardcore sketchers to explore the area between Place de Metz and Place de Paris through our drawings.

Explore might be a big word. After sketching at the Rousegärtchen on one of the very convenient benches, the grey weather and looming rain chased us to a bar nearby.


The Paname, the unofficial name Parisians give to the French capital, is very aptly named, as it is located on Place de Paris. A trendy and cozy place, many people were enjoying their Sunday afternoon there. Plus a handful of curious sketchers.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Impressions of the first USk Luxembourg international sketchcrawl

The sun was smiling on us for your first international sketchcrawl. Amazing weather for amazing participants. Around 100 people attended throughout the weekend. The locals were joined by attendees from France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and even the UK and Norway.

It was wonderful to see so many sketchers, old friends and new, enjoying our beautiful city and showing it through their sketches.

Here are just a few from a very busy and fun weekend. Thank you to all who came and shared their good mood and passion for sketching!

And here are the photos taken during the event by Marc Van Liefferinge on Flickr

Anne Rose Oosterbaan

A two-day sketchcrawl in Luxembourg. When I heard about is, I checked the images on Google and decided to go, a ride of almost five hours. The city was far beyond my expectations, what a beauty! And so inspiring to see talented sketchers everywhere in town.
Thank you, Luxembourg Urban Sketchers, for inviting and surprising us all.


Béliza Mendes

My favourite part of any USk event is to meet new friends and share our love for sketching. Here are just glimpses of a few of such moments.


Clara Schuster




Corinne Raes

Saturday afternoon we went downhill and fell in love with this old abandoned factory... a real thrill to sketch...

I loved the complexity of the city with its gorgeous setting between the rivers Alzette and Pétrusse and its gorges...


Hugo Lisbona

A view from the bridge and the terrace of Scotts Irish bar, from the other side of the River.

Bridge next to Munster Abbey.

It is the Castle we could see from the Munster Abbey, I zoomed in as to sketch only its architecture and the trees around.


Isabelle Driessche

Ce dimanche 30 avril, la belle vue sur les rochers du Bock depuis la place de l’Abbaye Neumunster était parsemée des préparatifs pour la fête du lendemain 1er mai. Le souci hygiéniste des organisateurs s’avère quelque peu iconoclaste. 

Goûter le soleil de fin d’après-midi entre amis sketchers à la petite terrasse du restaurant Vins Fins au Grund.


Johanna Krimmel

Relaxing at the Alzette riverbank, I especially enjoyed the views with the town looming over the valley. 

The next day I returned there to explore the details of the rusty floodgate and the flow of water.

Afterwards just opposite of Passage Gëlle Klack the perfect blue sky made me switch to my toned paper sketchbook to better capture the sharp light contrasts.


Julien Schleiffer



Un clin d’œil à Mr Philibert. C’était vraiment une chouette idée de nous faire faire le tour de la ville de cette manière.

En attendant le lâcher de canards, évènement insolite et festif

Vue sur le Bock


Marta Matuschewski

By the river Alzete - view at Montée de Clausen and the Casemates

Rue de la Loge - not far away from the Place Marché aux Poissons


Ruud Otten

BCEE - Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat. From Place de la Constitution you have a beautiful view on this landmark.

Rue de la Loge. Enjoying the sun on the stairs of Musée National  d’Histoire et d’Art I spotted this nice view on Rue de la Loge.

On the rocks. Sunday morning all sketchers gathered at the square near Neumünster Abbey. Many of them were looking up. And so did I to sketch this building next to Église Saint-Michel on top of the rocks.


Sebastien Koch

I quite like working with watercolor and colored pencils, so on saturday I tried some bigger drawings in that style. However, they don’t always turn out the way I want them to and it can be a bit frustrating. So on sunday I turned to subjects that are easier for me: smaller drawings of people done in fineliner.