Wednesday, 24 June 2015

July Sketchcrawl

Hello sketchers,

This month, we are going on a walk by the Aarnescht region and Oberanven.

Leen will be our guide and show us the most interesting places there are.

As an additional treat, she is also inviting us for drinks at her place after our sketchcrawl.

So let's meet on Sunday 5th July at 2 pm in front of the apothecary's in Niederanven.

As public transport is limited on Sundays, we can try to arrange for car pooling. Just contact us for more information.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Sketching in Limpertsberg

For our meeting at the Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg last Sunday a couple of new faces showed up, which is always a great surprise.

As we were by the Grand Théâtre, we decided to sketch it, too. I find the building a bit tricky with all its slanted windows, but it was fun to try and I also found an interesting looking fire hydrant which served as a nice break from the building.
Grand Théâtre
There was a party the previous day
Fire hidrant
All fire hydrants should be this original
It turned out the cycling Tour de Luxembourg was passing through Limpertsberg, so we had time to see a few cyclists rushing by before we headed out in search of a nice café or pub.

We found a nice Lebanese restaurant (L-Bey) that only served drinks and sweets at that time. Perfect for a short drink & draw break.

The people there were very friendly and even offered us some cakes. I definitely recommend this place.

At L-Bey with the USk Luxembourg
Old and new sketchers :)
Time flies and we only had time for one more stop after this. Leen took us to a small park at the top of Limpertsberg where I saw these interesting trees (I think they were birches) through which cars and houses were peeking.

Levels are still tricky...
Our little group is getting bigger and more regular, which I'm very happy about. Plus, we are soon going to become the national USk chapter for Luxembourg. Stay tuned for that!