Sunday, 28 November 2021

December sketchcrawl of Urban Sketchers Luxembourg: Speedsketching at the Winterlights Festival


This time we are going to SPEEDSKETCH  in the fairy world of the Luxembourg Winterlights Festival. Thus we will keep moving and not get too cold and, more importantly, we will loosen up our sketching skills and sketch with more freedom, spontaneity and freshness. The Casino Luxembourg will serve as our meeting point and refuge to warm up in between. 

Let’s meet on Sunday 5 December 2021 at 2 pm in the entrance hall of the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain41 Rue Notre Dame, 2240 Luxembourg (CovidCheck)

Some tips for speedsketching:
1. Make sure you have a generous stack of not-too-expensive sketching paper (minimum 10-20 sheets)
2. Limit yourself to two (2) sketching tools, for instance :
- a 2 HB and a 4B pencil
- 2 waterbrushes filled with ecoline or two markers, one warm color and one cool color
- 2 coloring pencils or oil pastels,  ochre and blue
- 2 black ink pens of different thickness 
…(etc, etc.)
3. Don’t take your sketching stool: it will slow you down
4. Dress warmly, wear good shoes and don’t forget your mittens!
And some thoughts on the benefits of speedsketching:

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